fractional co2 laser machine (6)In life, many people have some problems with their skin, which also affects their own appearance, so many people who love beauty choose to do fractional laser to improve, and the role of fractional laser is to improve the skin. Wrinkles, roughness, pores, enlarged pores, scars, scars, acne, etc. The main function is to treat acne and acne marks, to remove fine lines around the eyes and eye tails, to improve joint wrinkles and stretch marks, and to remove pigmented spots such as freckles. Scars also have a certain effect. The principle is that the light and heat of the laser instrument acts on the skin parts to vaporize the blemishes and wrinkles on the face, and at the same time stimulate the reorganization of collagen in the skin to make the skin firmer and smoother. The skin speeds up to heal, so as to improve the problematic skin texture. Moreover, the operation will not cause damage to the skin, so it is relatively safe and comfortable.
To remove fine lines, use fractional co2 laser

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