New products on the shelves, spring and autumn rotation, time in a hurry. Are you ready to say goodbye to your normal body? After using this kind of stent that allows you to comfortably receive magnetic fitness treatment, you will not be able to leave it.
This is a very flexible bracket that can be set in any shape with three flexible screws. So that any part can be subjected to magnetic thinning. Secure the magnetic vertical thin handle to the flexible clip. The latest magnetic thin handle adjustable support is used for shoulder, arm, chest and other parts that are difficult to be fixed with bandage. Let your body accept magnetic vertical thin carving without dead corners. Make the arm, shoulder and neck lines more perfect, highlight your figure, break the limitation of lying down for magnetic thin film treatment in the past, and let customers complete the treatment under comfortable conditions. This bracket plays a key role here.
The latest design, factory direct sales, we promise to ensure quality, have perfect after-sales service, convenient installation, durable, convenient and beautiful packaging. Nubway Beauty Instrument Co., Ltd. blooms beauty for you again. Elaborate and reproduce the truth. If you are interested in our products, welcome to consult and meet your needs.


Post time: Aug-25-2021

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