This is not surprising, but it is not easy to achieve firm and toned muscles. Although you don’t necessarily need to train like an Olympic athlete to get sculpted, many of us still struggle to get rid of those small fats-especially the abdomen-which seems to be more stubborn than a toddler’s “horrible two-year-old” .”
Fortunately, there is a new in-office care called msculpt building that can recover from your endless sit-ups. Although you may have heard of the original msculpt device, this new version has just been launched recently and, as expected, it has excited the experts.
“I call it my’Holy Grail’ device because everything it can do at the same time is a new product on the market,” added Louisville, MD, Kentucky plastic surgeon Julene Samuels.
MUSCLE BUILDING-currently approved by the FDA for use in the abdomen-uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to produce contractions of target muscle groups, which over time causes muscle mass to increase. On the other hand, radio frequency (RF) technology heats the subcutaneous fat, causing the fat cells to die permanently. “For the first time, [we can] treat both unwanted fat and the desire for improved muscle mass in the same course of treatment,” Dr. Palm explained.
In order to get the most benefit from this treatment, Chicago dermatologist Carolyn Jacob, MD, said that patients must undergo a series of four treatments within a month. “When treating the abdomen in a study, we found that after patients received four treatments—one treatment per week—for about 30 minutes each treatment, they saw a 30% reduction in fat and a 25% increase in muscle thickness. She explained.
Although some patients start to see overall positive results as early as the second treatment, Dr. Jacobs says that you will notice changes in muscle tone before fat loss. “It takes longer to lose fat because it is processed by the body [over time],” she explained.
Unlike other body shaping options, MUSCLE BUILDING can also treat a wider range of patients. According to Dr. Samuels, it can treat people with a body mass index (BMI) of 20 to 35, while the original msculpt has a BMI limit of 30. It’s thin and has no outline,” Dr. Jacobs clarified. “But for those patients who need to remove the extra layer of fat, they are MUSCLE BUILDING patients. ”
Unsurprisingly, the doctors received good feedback from the patients. “The operation was stress-free, [yes] there was no obvious pain at all,” a Dr. Palm patient said when asked about the operation. “In addition, there is no downtime. I was able to resume normal activities immediately.”
One of Dr. Jacob’s patients agreed, stating that their waists had been reduced by a few inches and their torsos appeared to be more sporty. When it comes to the feeling of the device, Dr. Jacob’s patient said it was an unusual feeling. “You will feel it when they start the machine for the first time,” they explained. “It’s like you’ve never felt before, but relax-give it a few minutes and you will get used to it.”
As mentioned earlier, the feelings felt during MUSCLE BUILDING treatment are not what people usually feel before. the device first contracts the muscles, then releases, pauses, and starts again. “The intensity of the heat is similar to a hot stone massage,”You will feel the heat, but it will never be uncomfortable.”
Although it is clear that Muscle building is a revolutionary device that was launched this year, it is important to note that additional treatment is required to maintain your new figure. Of course, exercise and healthy eating are the keys to the best results. As with any procedure, please consult your doctor to ensure that MUSCLE BUILDING is your best choice. Considering its positive reviews, it is certainly worth asking.

Post time: Aug-03-2021

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