Low temperature cold air machine/Skin cooling machine for laser treatment $2500

The Newest Generation Of CryoTherapy System

Unlike other cooling methods , such as contact cooling , cryogen spray or icepacks , the Coolplus can cool the epidermis before , during and after the laserenergy has been applied , without interfering with the laser beam . The Coolplus decreases the skin temperature quicker , with less risk of skin burns andkeeps a constant dosage throughout the entire treatment time


1.Three different sizes of air outlet design,sutable for treatment ofdifferent parts of the body.

2.Super cooling system the minimum working temperatireaches-30℃

3.User friendly design software system ,easy to operate

4.Germany imported 1500W high power air compressor ensures that  the system can work continuously for a long time

The Coolplus features cooled air for efficient pain treatment , swelling reduction and musclelaxation . The system enables Cryo Therapy with precise placement and at a constant dosageevery time . The device uses no consumables and delivers high power . This enables a quick decrease in superficial skin temperature , while maintaining the ability to operate all day

Post time: Aug-30-2020

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