Commercial Permanent Laser Hair Removal Device , Laser Skin Care Machine For Clinc

Short Description:

Diode laser hair removal is currently the most advanced hair removal technology on the market. Its advantage is that the hair
removal process is very comfortable, there is no pain at all, and the hair removal effect is also very significant.Diolasheer Ice
1200pro is equipped with two handles. Customers can choose handles of different sizes and powers according to their needs
to facilitate the treatment of various parts of the body

Product Detail



Follow up on individual patient care, including areas treated, protocols, and date of visit. Monitor patient cases and needs, and contact them when their next treatment is coming up. Improve customer support and experiences, enhance clinical results and reinforce customer engagement and relationships.

Advantages: 1. Hair removal, skin rejuvenation, painless, more comfortable, more effective 2. Water cooling + air cooling system 3. Super power, long service life."IN-Motion" intelligent mode to bring the fastest treatment speed to 10 per second, which will save much more time to do the treatment.Effective:2000W strong power supply and Germany imported Laser Stacks, 10 layers and 800W output.Safety and Painless:TEC cooling system for Sapphire handpiece 0-5 °C, which makes the treatment always comfortable.

808nm single hangle (2)

Higher Returns.

According to the skin color and body parts of the customers, the intelligent generation of accurate parameters,It supports six skin tone types and full body hair removal, bringing you more customers.
2019-light-sheer-diode-laser-hair-removal (1)
2019-light-sheer-diode-laser-hair-removal (1)

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